What We Do

Sound Fusion Limited is your one stop events gear provider.

Sound Fusion Limited is your one stop events gear provider for all types of events including concerts, touring, conferences, trade shows, weddings, television shows, seminars, festivals, private events, award shows, sports entertainment and road shows.
The Sound Fusion network is the modern face of an innovative, creative business, built on integrity, consistency and customer satisfaction.
With a reputation for uncompromising customer care, SFL takes a passionate approach to your event – whatever its scale and wherever it takes place.

Our Processes

  • 1.Planning

    Establish content to be delivered, Establish audience type and size, Establish event theme and desired atmosphere.

  • 2.Design

    Conduct site visit, Use 3D CAD software to visualize event.

  • 3.Execution | Teardown

    Install, test & optimize, Accomodate additional needs, Run event, Teardown safely and clean.

  • 4.Evaluation

    Conduct client satisfaction survey, Recommend future improvement.

3D Visualisations

Using industry leading CAD software, we use rendered pictures to visualize your event before it happens.

3D visuals enable you to have a more active input into the end production, being able to approve concepts or request different options or updates.

After carrying out detailed site surveys, our designers use actual measurements and photographs to build an accurate, computer-generated 3D model of the venue, complete with all its features and textures.

This ensures that everything will fit and work as planned; highlighting and suggesting fixes for any potential issues that might arise, e.g from checking sight lines and screen sizes to knowing how many tables can fit into a given space.